Germany and Italy had the fastest times from the heats. They now faces winner of the other heat Greece. Italy went off at 54 strokes per minute. Germany and Romania also jumped out quickly. Germany at 43 strokes per minute with 200m gone, took the lead. Stroked by Cedric Wiemer, this German crew were all new to international racing. With 600m rowed Germany had moved out to a boat length lead over Romania in second. Romania came to this final through the repechage along with Great Britain who were now in the bronze medal spot.

The Germans continued to power on leaving a tussle between Romania and Great Britain with the United States and Italy well within striking distance. Now the British crew came up to challenge Romania at 37. Great Britain was also at 37. Germany had a clear water lead coming into the final sprint. Great Britain and Italy was at 40 with Germany at 38. Germany won gold with Great Britain grabbing silver.


Mark Hinrichs (b), Germany, Gold
“We wanted to get ahead from the start and we did. We didn’t expect anyone would go with us. The race was very hard, and we knew that the British and Italians are very good competitors.”

Oliver Parish (b), Great Britain, Silver
“It was a really good race, I felt that we really committed. My favourite part was definitely 250 meters as we rowed really well together as a crew. It feels really special to be awarded a medal here at the venue that will be used at the Olympics.”


Emilio Pappalettera, Italy, Bronze


“We had no expectations coming into this race as we are a new crew. Our coach told us we could do really well this morning.”

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Results: ESP, SRB, AUS, IND

​Re-watch the race here!