Romania may have been the reigning junior World Champions, but it was Great Britain who had been showing the way through the early rounds. At the start Germany led at the start with Great Britain in second. A very relaxed looking Romania had now broken away and moved to a full boat length lead with Great Britain pulling through into second. Romania – Berariu, Pascari, Tiganescu and Hirgau - then went to a clear water lead. Meanwhile Italy, who had been back in fourth, was now really moving on Germany and going after Great Britain.

The final sprint was now in view and Romania looked fabulous with their dominating lead. Great Britain was holding on to second with Italy moving on Great Britain. The British were holding them off when disaster struck. A crab in the Italian boat brought them to a dead stop. Germany went flying past to earn bronze. Out the front Romania had earned a new junior World Best Time of 5:58.85. They became the first junior four to go under six minutes, breaking the former time of 6:00.86 set in 2006.



France has been proving to like these conditions and they led the way ahead of Belarus and Uzbekistan. France was still in front through the middle of the race and were able to watch a full on battle between Canada, Belarus and Ukbekistan. France, at 39 strokes per minute, remained in front with Canada getting the better of the three-way battle.


Cosmin Pascari, Gold, Romania
“All I could think was GO, we just had to hold on to that gold medal.”

Freddie Davidson (s), Silver, Great Britain
“It was a tough race in the wind, but we managed to stay clean. It’s a very strong Romanian crew.”

Niclas Junkes (b), Bronze, Germany
“I couldn’t think anymore in the last 500m, we just had to go!”