In the heats earlier in the regatta Great Britain had the fastest time. They finished third in 2017 and have retained many of the members of that crew. But they were facing the reigning junior champions, Germany for the first time today. Germany has three of the same crew as 2017. The United States finished second last year and has one remaining member of that boat. Coming through to the first 500m marker Great Britain had the lead, but only just over the United States. It was very close across all crews.

Then Great Britain and the United States started to break away from the field with Germany edging into third. Great Britain moved to 39 coming into the final sprint with the US at 40 and Germany at 43. The British had the momentum as Italy came at Germany. Great Britain had finished with gold and in a time of less than two seconds outside of the junior World Best Time. The United States took silver with Germany bronze.


Oscar Olsen, Great Britain, gold
“Best race we’ve ever had! We knew everyone would go out fast and we managed to stick with them due to a great race plan. Really surreal feeling!”

Dylan White (c), United States of America, silver
“In the middle 500 Great Britain made a move. We tried to push off but couldn’t get it. We came to the regatta wanting gold, but if we can pick up silver after going through the reps, I’m happy.”

Max Schwartzkopff (c), Germany, bronze
“'We got out a bit slow, at the 1000m we tried to make a move on USA and Great Britain but they stayed ahead. Then at 500m I shouted for them to ‘explode and make a move’ I thought me might get USA, but still really happy with bronze as Italy were closing. This is my 3rd Junior Championships and I now have the full medal set. It’s been a fantastic course to row on and very professionally run event!”

Re-watch the race here


Canada looked to be the boat to beat following yesterday’s semifinal. But it was Australia’s Taylor McCarthy-Smith who had the lead at the start. The Australian still had the lead, and now quite a handy one, going through the middle of the race with Canada following in second. McCarthy-Smith kept her speed up and moved further ahead in the final sprint. She was the only sculler to finish under 8 minutes.



Russia shot out at the start of this b-final with the rest of the field in hot pursuit. They then got a small margin as the remaining three boats remained tightly bunched together. Then the Netherlands began to close on the Russians. In the final sprint the Dutch not only overtook the Russians, they also managed to move out to nearly a boat length lead.

Results: NED, RUS, CZE, FRA