Germany , Great Britain and the United States recorded almost identical times in the heats earlier in the week. They have not had to race since with Italy, Russia and the Netherlands making it to the final through racing in the repechage. All six crews sat in the starting blocks, Germany sitting there in the knowledge that they were the defending champions. Russia took off like lightening. They are the European Rowing Junior Championship winners where they beat Germany into third. The Germans followed in second and the United States were in third. Russia and Germany then went together through the middle of the race, going stroke for stroke. But then the Russian’s ran out of steam and the United States pushed through to the lead. The Germans held on to second.

Germany went to 42 in the final sprint, the US to 44 with Great Britain absolutely flying for the line. It was oh so close. Germany had won. The United States took second and Great Britain third.


Ole Kruse, Germany, gold
“I really enjoyed that race, it was hard. I looked up at 100m to go and thought, we should have this.”

Sydney Edwards (c), United States, silver
“I really think none of us have any regrets. It was a pretty good race, I think in the last 250m we were caught a little off-guard. We are really happy with the result, though we would have loved a gold.”

Axel De Boissard (c), Great Britain, bronze
"I hoped we would get a medal. I saw USA make a push and we did too. It’s been a great venue, this is also the last year for the guys so I’m pleased.”


Belarus was the first away with a virtual line following behind them. Then Romania did a piece that got them a little ahead of their challengers and closer to Belarus. Another piece in the third 500 gave Romania the lead. All boats went to 40 in the final sprint. Romania went to 42 and charged to the line in first.

Results: ROU, BLR, HUN, ESP