In yesterday’s semifinals Greece’s Petros Gkiadatzis and Grigorios Schizodimos recorded the fastest qualifying time. Today they met the winners of the other semi, Jakub Kyncl and Jan Vacek of the Czech Republic. In the opening of the race Germany’s Paul Krueger and Klas Ole Lass had the fastest pace. Kyncl and Vacek followed in second. The Germans continued to power on with Lass in stroke at his second junior championships. Last year he raced to fourth in the quad.

Kyncl and Vacek were keeping up with the Germans as Greece came through to close on the leaders. These three boats had a handy leading edge coming into the final sprint, but what colour would be the medals? Germany was at 33 and holding the lead. Greece went to 37 and overtook the Czech crew. Kyncl and Vacek held on rating 38. Germany had won.


Klas Ole Lass (s), Germany, gold
“Did not expect to win. Our 1st 500 was really fast. By 1500 we were still feeling really good and we kept gaining distance on Greece.”

Grigorios Schizodimos (s), Greece, silver
“That was our best race so far but also the toughest. Conditions were really tough but we wanted to come through so much so really happy with a silver.”

Jan Vacek (s), Czech Republic, bronze
“Off the start we were 2nd or 3rd, we were trying to gain on Greece. GER was basically ahead the whole time. We didn’t expect to medal so we’re really happy.”

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France, Hungary and Lithuania posted almost identical times in yesterday’s semifinals which boded well for a close race today. But it was the slower Austrian boat that had the lead at the start and still maintained it through the middle of the race. France now tried to close with Belgium moving with the French. Hungary then came up on the French with Austria still holding the lead. Hungary was at 37, France went to 39. Hungary had the best sprint.