Germany and New Zealand had proved to be the best so far, winning their respective semifinals. In this final was also the reigning junior World Champions, Italy and the Italians had been showing their ability to handle these rough conditions. First out at the start was Germany with Belarus and New Zealand holding on. Belaurs then got their bow ball ahead of Germany, but Konstantin Nowitzki and Henry Schwinde of Germany pushed back and again took the lead.

Then Leonard Jenkins and Jack Lopas of New Zealand did a push coming into the middle of the race and the Kiwis had grabbed the lead. Once out in front Lopas and Jenkins lengthened their lead to get clear water on Nowitzki and Schwinde. Now Italy started to push and they had overtaken Belarus and were gaining on Germany. The Germans moved on the New Zealanders who were rating 35. Italy were now on top of Germany . What a close finish! New Zealand had held on to first. Germany had earned silver and Italy were the bronze medallists.



Equipment damage (a broken blade) for Turkey caused this race to be delayed. It got away with South Africa in the lead and Canada chasing hard. By the middle of the race Canada had pushed ahead with South Africa holding on. They went through the third 500 together. South Africa was at 35 and Canada at 34. South Africa had regained the lead rating 38 in the final sprint. Canada and Ireland were neck-and-neck.


Leonard Jenkins (b), Gold, New Zealand
“We were hoping to be able to be up there with the field today. Throughout the race I got more and more confident that we would make it. This is our second Junior World Championships but our first gold. I’m very proud of Jack (s) as well.”

Konstantin Nowitzki (b), Silver, Germany
“It was good but very challenging, there was a lot of crosswind. But we had a lot of fun, we defeated the Italians."

Marcello Caldonazzo (s), Bronze, Italy
“We are not so good in the waves, it was alright though. We were surprised after 1000m to see the New Zealanders go.”