The returning junior World Champions, Italy had won their semifinal yesterday. But it was Greece who had recorded the fastest qualifying time from winning their semi. At the start it was the United States that had the best speed with the Czech Republic chasing hard. The US held the lead coming into the middle of the race with Italy now moving ahead of The Czech crew and Australia to take second. Sabbatino, Verita, Dini, Apuzzo of Italy were now closing on the United States. Coming through to the final sprint Italy was in a second of the US crew with Australia also going for the medals. The Czech crew sat in fourth and the crowd was on their feel.

Italy was inching their way up on the US and had moved to a 41 stroke rate. The United States tried to hold on at a 38 pace with Australia at 37. These three crews had secured the medals – gold for Italy – and in a time just six seconds outside of the junior World Best Time.


Alessandro Calder (c), Italy, gold
“Wonderful race! We knew we were going to suffer at the start but we built well during the middle today. At 1000m I shouted for us to go. I saw the others slowing and we managed to pass.”

Owen King, United States of America, silver
“We had a good race plan that we stuck to. We were fast off the start and held the pace. We had our moves and pushes. It was some great racing today, and we hope to be able to continue on next year.”

Logan Ullrich, Australia, bronze
“That was an unreal race, really insane! Well executed plan today and it’s a great step up being at the junior championships. It really feels fantastic to represent Australia and I’m really happy to be here.”

Re-watch the race here


South Africa and Russia rocketed out at 50 strokes per minute but it was Canada who had the lead with 500m raced. Croatia had a tussle for second with Croatia winning the spot as they came through the middle of the race. Now South Africa went past Ireland and closed on Croatia. Canada looked great as they came into the final sprint rating 34 and keeping control of the race.


Re-watch the race here