The three candidate cities, Tokyo, Istanbul and Madrid, made 60 minute presentations at the 125th IOC Session in Buenos Aires on Saturday, 7 September 2013. The Prime Ministers of all three countries attended and spoke. As well, Princess Takamodo of Japan and Crown Prince Felipe of Spain joined the Tokyo and Madrid delegations respectively. Tokyo was selected in a second round of voting. In the first round, Tokyo received 42 votes, Istanbul 26 and Madrid 26. As Tokyo did not achieve the needed 48 votes, a tie breaker was held between the lower vote getters. In that round, Madrid was eliminated by Istanbul in a vote of 49 to 45. In the second round of voting, Tokyo achieved 60 votes over Istanbul which received 36 votes.

The Sea Forest Waterway will be constructed in an existing shipping canal based around reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay. This regatta centre will become a permanent venue for rowing in Tokyo to complement the existing Toda regatta course which hosted the 1964 Olympic Games. The Sea Forest Waterway regatta course will be 15 minutes from the proposed Olympic Village which will also be based on inner Tokyo Bay. This is a new part of Tokyo that is being developed as Tokyo expands its population. The regatta course will be an excellent legacy for the young population of this new quarter of the city.
FISA looks forward to working closely with the Tokyo Organising Committee for the Olympic Games and the Japan Rowing Association to develop this great opportunity for rowing to grow in Tokyo, Japan and Asia.

Tokyo Regatta Course

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