The club is situated on the banks of the Danube River and its surroundings are a beloved destination for tourists and locals. The centenary-old club has approximately 120 members ranging from 10 to 80 years of age. Starting in 2000, the club shifted its focus from leisure and tour rowing to competitive training. Currently, the club now ranks among Hungary’s top seven rowing clubs nationally and internationally in terms of results.

Environmental protection and clean water are of great importance to Kulker Rowing Club. “Rowing requires clean water and air, and the passion for our sport obliges us to work towards environmental protection,” says Lorinczy.

So far, the efforts made include reduced energy consumption and selective waste management.  In recent years the modernised heating system and the solar panels are the most significant investments the club has made to save energy. In addition to solar panels, the club also decided to use energy-saving light bulbs and heat recuperators.

Kulker Rowing Club, Hungary - solar panels © FISA

From spring to autumn rowing athletes make a personal contribution by cycling instead of driving to the rowing club. To encourage this, the club extended their bicycle storage area and included cycling sessions into their training programme.

“Most of the athletes were enthusiastic about the idea,” says Lorinczy. “However, selective waste management as well as the push made to use bikes had to be introduced to the club properly,” he explains.

In his time at the club, Lorinczy says that positive improvements have been seen in the river’s water quality. “According to numerous members of the club, especially the veteran members, who are more sensitive to environmental issues, the wildlife around the river in the surroundings of the club has became more and more varied and rich, especially regarding the bird species, which is an indicator of improving water quality,” he explains. “Also, we see down deeper in the water and sometimes also the bottom of the river from the pontoon.”

Kulker Rowing Club, Hungary - bicycle stands © FISA

The philosophy of Kulker Rowing Club is to boost lifelong participation in sport, giving access to life on water and enabling more people to feel the pleasure of rowing.

Helping to preserve the natural environment and support clean water is certainly one way to help maintain lifelong involvement and sustain the pleasure of rowing.