Racing will take place on Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour with Hong Kong City creating an extraordinary urban backdrop. Temperatures average around 22 degrees Celsius at this time of year and winds are expected at around 20 km/hr making for lively water on the harbour.

The race course has buoy turning points with the course length covering 4km for the heats and B-finals and 6km for the finals. Unlike the Beach Sprint Finals the start and finish of the race is on the water. Competitors can expect to deal with the harbour waves, currents as well as wash from harbour boat traffic.

Here is how you can follow the racing online:

  • The provisional time table for the event can be found here and the entries for all races can be found here.

Available on

  • Live blog with regular updates
  • Live event updates
  • Start Lists / Schedule
  • Results
  • There will be live-streaming of racing on at the following times:
  • Saturday 2 November: 13:20 local time (05:20 GMT) - 16:05 local time (08:05 GMT)
  • Sunday 3 November: 10:35 local time (02:35 GMT) - 17:50 local time (09:50 GMT) with a transmission break between 13:30 and 14:25 local time (05:30 - 06:25 GMT) 
  • Join the conversation by using the hashtags: #worldrowing #WRCoastal #WRCChamps #HongKong2019