With five Olympic gold medals, Redgrave is considered by some to be Great Britain’s top athlete ever.

Di Ellis, Chairman of British Rowing, passes the Olympic flame on at the 2012 Olympic Torch Relay in Reading, Great Britain

Already Redgrave has carried the flame as part of the Olympic torch relay as it has moved around Great Britain on its way to London. Redgrave boldly held it while rowing down the River Thames at Henley.

The torch has had its fair share of rowers or those related to rowing, carrying it. Chair of British Rowing Di Ellis had a turn. Constantine Louloudis got his turn. Louloudis, 20, is back in the stroke seat of the British men’s eight for the London Olympics. Louloudis only just got his seat back after recovering from injury that has kept him out of the boat for much of this season.

Kieren Emery carried the flame earlier this month. He also picked up an under-23 gold medal last week. This will go nicely with his World Championship medals. Olympic Champion from the 2000 Olympic men’s eight, Ben Hunt-Davis has carried it and two-time Olympic Champion, James Cracknell will get his turn in the coming days.

The Olympic Torch will have been carried by a total of 8,000 people as has travelled across Great Britain and Ireland to its final destination at the Olympic Stadium in London on July 25th. The torchbearers were chosen after being nominated for their inspirational qualities by someone that they knew.