1.      A rowing book. For the readers, there are some excellent rowing books to be found. Released this year is the story of the legendary Thor Nilsen. Countless coaches and athletes have come under Nilsen’s influence both on and off the water. The book, Thor Nilsen Rowing’s Global Coach, can purchased via Amazon here.

2.      A rowing calendar. Rowers are always planning their busy schedules, trying to fit in another training session. Help them out with a beautiful rowing calendar, like the one from rowing photographer Detlev Seyb. Take a look here.

3.      Clothes. A rower can never have enough spandex. Take a look at the offering from the World Rowing suppliers. They have t-shirts, tank tops, uni-suits and more with the World Rowing logo.

-          For Europe: click here.

-          For North America: click here.

-          For Australia: click here.

4.      A waterproof bag. No matter how hard you try to stay dry, rowing is a water sport. All rowers can use a good waterproof bag to take in the boat with them. It will keep their clothes, phone and other things dry while on the water. Here is one via Amazon here.  

5.      Rowing tech. Many rowers are into their tech. Here are a few suggestions from Concept2 about compatible heart rate monitors and sport watches.

6.      Photos: All rowers love a good rowing photo. Check with your local photographer to see about getting a print or a digital version.

7.      Eco-friendly: If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, you can always give the gift of a donation. Check out World Rowing’s clean water project the Kafue River & Rowing Centre.

Season’s greetings from World Rowing.