Para PR2 Mixed Double Sculls (PR2 Mix2x) - B-Final
The top two would qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. This put a whole new meaning on the racing. China shot out at a 44 stroke rate and showed their intentions right from the start. China included Shuang Liu who is a Paralympic silver medallist and she is now partnered with Jijian Jiang.  This left a close battle between the United States and Russia. With China out in front the United States crew of Laura Goodkind and Russell Gernaat held on to the second Paralympic qualifying spot.


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Women’s Pair (W2-) - B-final
The slowest qualification time into this B-final was the young Greek crew of two 18-year-olds and they took off the quickest. This race was all about not coming last as the top five boats would qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Ireland’s Aileen Crowley and Monika Dukarska got to the 500m mark in the lead with the field remaining very tight. Two seconds separated the top four boats with half the race gone. Ireland still had a small lead when Romania did a push and got just ahead. China did a surge to get into third ahead of Chile. Then Great Britain started to motor. Romania had already gone to 41 and the British found 39. Romania crossed the line in first. The rest of the field had closed right up. It was going to be a photo finish. We had to wait for the official results. Chile had missed out. What a race! New Olympic qualifiers were Romania, Ireland, China, Great Britain and Greece. The Greeks were the happiest.


ROU Cristina-Georgiana Popescu
“We had a good race, and we‘re really happy about qualifying for the Tokyo 2020. See you in Tokyo”

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Men’s Pair (M2-) - B-final
Don’t come last! That’s what every coach and every rower must have been saying. The top five boats would qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The gun went for the start with Romania and South Africa sitting in the centre lanes as the fastest times from the semifinals. South Africa’s John Smith and Lawrence Brittain moved away the quickest at the start. Smith has an Olympic gold medallist from the lightweight four and he has successfully transitioned to the openweight class. Smith and Brittain headed the pack with Serbia and Canada the closest challengers. Then Canada’s Kai Langerfeld and Conlin McCabe did a big push moving into the second 500. Great Britain was watching and went to 40 as Canada got into the lead. The top four boats were separated by just two seconds with Belarus and Great Britain still close enough to strike. Belarus went to 40 with GB at 41 as they both tried to hold on to the fifth spot. Serbia was now at 46, Canada at 42. Great Britain had missed out. The Olympic qualifiers were Serbia’s Mackovic and Vasic along with Canada, South Africa, Romania, Belarus.


SRB Milos Vasic:
“We didn't perform well yesterday, but we finally got the job done. And it will be my first Olympic Games. It is amazing!”

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Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls (LM2x) - B-final
Only the winner of this b-final would qualify for the Olympics next year. How tense would that be for the rowers? China and the Czech Republic had the fastest times from the semifinals yesterday and China’s Man Sun and Junjie Fan got away the quickest. They have been consistently fastest through racing at this regatta. Just two seconds separated all six boats with 500m raced. Then Australia did a push and moved into the lead. The order had changed but the margins remained tight with half the race rowed. Then Australia and Belgium broke away with Canada going for it. Belgium’s Tim Brys and Niels van Zandweghe had qualified for the Tokyo Olympics. Redemption for this Belgian double who had missed out on 2016 Olympic qualification due to a rule on country quotas at the Final Olympic Qualification Regatta in 2016.


Niels Van Zandweghe - BEL
"I'm over the moon. We've had good preparation for the Olympics and now I can't wait!"

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Lightweight Women’s Double Sculls (LW2x) - B-final
Finish first! This was the only instruction going into this race with just one place available for Olympic qualification. Switzerland’s Patricia Merz and Frederique Rol had the fastest qualifying time from the semifinals and they have also had a very positive season. Italy jumped out the quickest and went to an early lead. Merz and Rol were right with them and they had now gotten in front. They were fourth at last year’s World Rowing Championships and were pushing away from Italy with Australia upping the pace. Merz and Rol then got a boat length lead over the rest of the field who were forming a practical line. Then Canada’s Jill Moffatt and Jennifer Casson then did a push and the pack looked to close on the Swiss. Italy went to 39 in the third 500 but it didn’t seem to help. Canada had the lead as the sprint began. Switzerland went to 42, Canada at 9, Italy at 41. Valentina Rodinia and Federica Cesarini of Italy had done it. They had qualified their boat for the Tokyo Olympics.


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Para PR3 Mixed Coxed Four (PR3 Mix4+) - B-final
The top two spots would mean Tokyo Paralympic qualification. France and Brazil had the fastest times from the semifinals but it was China who shot out at a tremendous pace. China held half a length over Brazil by rating 36. France and the Netherland were also on the pace. France then did a push and got into the lead and continued to push on. China was trying to hold on to China with Brazil and the Netherlands breathing down their necks. France took bronze last year at the World Championships and they had really found their rhythm now in the lead. France had won ahead of a frantic sprint between Ukraine and Brazil. Ukraine had done it. They are off to the Paralympic Games along with France.


“I'm pretty happy that we could qualify for the Tokyo2020. We were fighting against the headwind. It was a good race, but really tough.”

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Men’s Four (M4-) - B-final
Get in a top two position. That was the instructions for this race with two crews able to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. Serbia and France had the fastest times from the semifinals. At the start South Africa got away at a 56 stroke rate pace. But it was the Netherlands that were moving the fastest with France, Switzerland and Germany in hot pursuit. The Dutch crew of Ritsema, van der Bij, Roell and van der Want continued to push on. Then Switzerland upped their pace and surprised everyone. The Dutch tried to get their lead back. In lanes next to each other the Netherlands and Switzerland now moved into their own race at the head of the field. France and Germany couldn’t keep up. The Netherlands had won and qualify for the Olympics along with Switzerland.


Jan van der Bij – NED
“That was hard work but really satisfying. We’ve had just six weeks together so we’ve done really well. Very proud of the team with me!”

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Women’s Four (W4-) - B-final
The top two boats would be going to the Tokyo Olympics to be part of the first time for a women’s four at the Olympic Games. China and Great Britain had recorded the fastest times from the semifinals when they raced each other. They raced again today with Ireland sitting between them. With 200m gone China had the early lead. They were at 39 stokes per minute ahead of Canada, Great Britain and Italy. The Chinese still had the best speed on the water through the second 500. Then Great Britain did a push to get ahead of Canada who were just ahead. Canada went to 37 with the British at 36. This brought them up on China as these three crews broke away from the chasing field. Canada and Great Britain had rowed through China. The British went up again in the final 300m and got into the lead. Parfett, Ford, Swann and Hill for Great Britain were rowing the perfect race. The British had won and qualified for the Tokyo Olympics along with Canada in second.


Stephanie GRAUER - CAN
"Amazing! We are really part of our crew. We are really excited and happy we could do this for our team, and we're looking forward to it."

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Women’s Quadruple Sculls (W4x) – B-final
This race was delayed due to a change in weather conditions which meant lanes had to be changed. This put the top qualifying crews from the semifinals into lanes 5 and 6. With two boats qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics this was a big decision. Italy and the United States had the favoured lanes and it was the Americans and Italy who got away the quickest. Romania and Russia held their own race for third. Then the United States broke away from the field completely with only Italy any where close. The qualifiers had been decided. The United States and Italy are off to the Olympics.


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Men’s Quadruple Sculls (M4x) – B-final
It was a good start for Ukraine in this race for two Olympic qualification spots. Great Britain and Norway had recorded the fastest qualifying times from the semifinals and they were in the favoured lanes. Then the British picked up the pace and they had grabbed the lead with 500m raced. Norway, who’d come out at the back of the field, then did a push and got into second with a line forming behind them between New Zealand, Ukraine and Russia. Norway then started to move up on the British. Would this be Olaf Tufte on his way to his seventh Olympics? Yes! The British had won and Norway had qualified for the Olympics from second. Olympics number seven was coming Tufte’s way.


"Really really good for qualifying for the Tokyo2020. There were only 2 qualifications available, our event was so tight. All of us went to Rio, so we are so excited for in it.”

Olaf Tufte - NOR
"After failing to qualify the first time (n the semifinals), I was ready to quit. But thanks to the support of my team mates we lifted each other up again and made it. I’m almost starting to cry."

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