The European Rowing Championships will start on 30 May in Serbia's capital Belgrade. The “Ada Ciganlija” regatta venue on Sava Lake has not been directly affected by flood waters that have caused huge problems throughout Serbia and Bosnia.

Secretary General of the Serbian Rowing Federation Nebojsa Jevremovic says organisation of the regatta has continued according to plan. "Here, on the rowing course, it is normal," says Jevremovic. "We continue to prepare as normal."

The water levels of Sava Lake are controlled by two dams that provide a constant water level and Jevremovic says the water level is continually monitored.

The forecast shows little rain over the next few days with temperatures getting back into the high 20s degrees Celsius. "The weather forecast is generally good at this stage," says Jevremovic. "And the general situation in Belgrade is normal with transport, electricity and city services working normally.

The European Rowing Championships run from 30 May to 1 June 2014 and are open to European member federations. This is the eighth year of the reinstated European Championships.