Due to the possibility of thunderstorms on Sunday, starting from 14:00 (CET), the World Rowing Federation, FISA, has decided to eliminate the lunch break. The new A-final schedule will be:

11:00 hrs              BLW1x
11:15 hrs              BLM1x
11:30 hrs              BM2-
11:45 hrs              BW2x
12:00 hrs              BM2x
12:15 hrs              BLM4-   (No lunch break)
12:30 hrs              BLW2x
12:45 hrs              BLM2x
13:00 hrs              BM4x
13:15 hrs              BW8+
13:30 hrs              BM1x
13:45 hrs              BW1x
14:00 hrs              BM8+

B-finals will start as scheduled at 09:30 (CET).