For 2015 those participating in the Concept2 Holiday Challenge recorded more than 1.3 billion metres rowed on indoor rowing machines and in the process they helped raise money for water-related charities including the Kafue River & Rowing Centre.

The most impressive performance came from Dennis Echelberry, age 62. Echelberry, from Fort Worth, Texas, United States, recorded an extraordinary 1,600,100 metres.

The challenge comes at an ideal time for Northern Hemisphere rowers who are entering their winter training season and also gets support from the growing number of dedicated indoor rowers. Participation was impressive with more than 5,800 people logging 100,000m and more than 2,200 people logging over 200,000m.

Concept2 has run the Holiday Challenge for several years and has always included a charitable aspect. This year, the focus was on water.  The Kafue River & Rowing Centre will receive almost $USD4,000 as a result of the Holiday Challenge.

 “It is great we were able to offer a rowing specific cause to this year’s Holiday Challenge," says Judy Geer of Concept2. "Our focus on water-related causes reflected the importance of this great resource: water to drink, water for the environment, and water for recreation.”

Participants were challenged to log as many metres as possible from 26 November to 24 December 2015. For every person who logged 100,000 metres, Concept2 donated $.02 per 1000m. For those logging more than 100,000m, Concept2 donated $.04 per 1000m.

The Holiday Challenge is one of a series of Concept2 Challenges throughout the year. For more information, visit their online logbook here.

The Kafue River & Rowing Centre is a project in Kafue, Zambia developed through the collaboration between the World Rowing Federation (FISA) and the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF). It is a unique, multi-purpose centre which brings together water conservation, education and sport. It will be the meeting point for all stakeholders on the river to meet in order to seek solutions together. It will be equipped with world class field research facilities with links to water science universities around the world and provide Zambia with a high quality facility to develop the sport of rowing.