In the last of the five-part mini-series on athletes and mental health, Eve Macfarlane and Zoe McBride stress how important it is for people to talk about mental health.

In Part five, spreading the word, labelling mental health as something with a stigma is not necessarily helping. Eve and Zoe want people to be more comfortable talking about it and being open with one another. 

“I think if we can help just one or two people open up about how they’re feeling, it’s going to be a domino effect,” says Zoe. “You become more comfortable when it’s not as scary sharing something.”

World Rowing would like to thank Eve and Zoe for their participation in this mini documentary, and please, help spread the word. 

Watch the last full episode here.



For help, talk to your family, friends, doctor or coach.

There are extensive online resources.

Helpful websites are:

You can read the IOC consensus statement here.

Or search for materials in your native language.