Why do you give back and where?
I learned at a young age that giving back was a surefire way to increase my energy and lift my mood. Giving back gives me a stronger sense of purpose.  Psychiatrist Karl Menninger had a great prescription for bad moods, depression and unhealthy feelings.  "Go to the other side of the town, find someone in need and help that person. By doing that we get out of our own way."

I give back wherever I can.  When I was younger I volunteered at hospitals, schools, and NGOs. Now that I have children, my focus has moved from the community to my young family. I figure that the best way to leave a positive legacy is to raise the best children that I can.   I still find time to give back to my sport as a guest coach, or organizing an alumni event.

How did rowing helped you find your passion to give back?
Rowing at the highest level made me depressed. I needed to find a way to stay happy while training through the long hard winter months. I needed to find balance. High performance athletics could be one of the most selfish pursuits on the planet. I found balance through volunteer work and community involvement.

How can volunteering can help your career?
Volunteering gives you the opportunity to develop skills.  For example, I started visiting schools to develop my presentation skills and round out my professional training from the engineering field. This intro to public speaking, has led me to my current career of a Keynote Speaker and Corporate Trainer. 

What about mentoring?
Mentoring is important and natural part of human progression. Not only do you receive a sense of pride seeing someone progress in their sport or on their life journey, mentorship also provides an influx of positive energy into your life.