Lucy Grinalds of the USA's Junior Women's Four at the 2011 Junior World Rowing Championships in Eton, the United Kingdom
WR: My sporting hero is…
LG: Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps. If I had to pick it a rower it would be Susan Francia.


WR: I row because…
: I love it. It is the first sport I really fell in love with. At the beginning I wasn’t really good at it so I worked hard to get better. I realized then that the more you work on it the more you achieve and that motivated me. Besides I like the team aspect of rowing.

WR: My goal in rowing is….?
I want to win a gold medal at Olympics. I don’t really care in which boat class.

WR: On the erg, I listen to…..?
Electronic music and a bit of rap.

WR: I’m most relaxed when…?
After doing yoga. We have a yoga teacher for our team and I do at least 20 minutes of yoga after rowing, plus I have a ninety minute yoga session once a week. 

WR: My least favourite training session is…
: The worst we did was a pyramid consisting of 2000m/1500m/1000m/1500m/2000m.

WR: My favourite training session is…
: I love racing, even if it’s just in training. I love the feeling of pushing the boat forward with every stroke even if it really hurts.

WR: What do you study….
: I’m going to study at Harvard next year, hopefully doing Economy and Government.

WR: In 10 years time I will…
I will still be rowing. I would love to work in a project to help poor countries to develop. Maybe I could even help developing rowing there.  

WR: I’m motivated by….
I love the feeling when the entire teams works together and puts everything in to every single stroke. That motivates me. You would never give up, no matter how much the race hurts, you would never let the others down. On the other hand I know I can rely on my team 100%.