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2014 FISA Bye-Law and Event Regulation Changes

2013 Rule Book

Appendix 1 Duties of Commissions Appendix 2 FISA Code of Ethics
Appendix 3 Manipulation of Competition Appendix 4 Regatta Course Bye-Laws
Appendix 5 Advertising Bye-laws Appendix 6 Progression System
Appendix 7 Umpiring Licenses Appendix 8 Anti Doping Bye-Laws
Appendix 9 Event Regulations Olympic Games Appendix 10 Event Regulations World Championships
Appendix 11 Event Regulations World Rowing Cup Appendix 12 Event Regulations Masters Regattas
Appendix 13 Event Regulations Para-Rowing Appendix 14 Event Regulations Coastal Rowing
Appendix 15 Event Regulations Touring Rowing Appendix 16 Event Regulations Bidding
Appendix 17 Para-Rowing Classification  

2011 Rule Book

Rule Book français 2011

Adaptive Rowing

2010 Rule Books

Coastal Rowing