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IOC Regulations on Female Hyperandrogenism (ENG)

IOC Regulations on Female Hyperandrogenism (FR)

Position Statements

IOC Position Statements

•  IOC position statement on Hyperandorgenism

•  IOC Consensus Statement on Periodic Health Evaluation of Elite Athletes


Position Statements

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Position Statements

Heat, Heat Stroke and safety for FISA

Weight loss by lightweight rowers and coxswains

FISA Water Quality Testing Guidelines - February 2019


Team Doctors Meetings

»  Karapiro (NZL) - 2010

Efficacy of Epidural Steroid Injections for Lumbar Radiculopathy

- Dr Chris Milne

Injury and Illness Surveillance

- Dr. Brendan O'Neill, Dr. Chris Milne

Rowing Injuries

- Dr Chris Milne

FISA Sport Underperformance syndrome

- Jürgen Steinacker


»  Junior and Senior Coaches Conference

Prevention of Rowing Injuries

- Jo A. Hannafin


2015 Sport Science and Medical Conference YouTube playlist