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1. European Rowing Board (ERB)

The ERB is the executive body which manages the matters defined below of the European Rowing Confederation (ERC)

2. Duties of the European Rowing Board (ERB)

2.1.  To ensure that European Rowing Events are successfully staged every year inviting applications from bidding European member federations, analysing the bids, making recommendations to the annual General Assembly of the European member federations, managing the attribution process at the General Assembly and then assisting the successful organising committee in the preparation and operation of the event;

2.2. To establish Bye-Laws to the Constitution and Rules of Racing including determining the format, programme and timing of European Rowing Events each year in consultation with FISA as well as the European member federations;

2.3. To make recommendations to the annual General Assembly of the European member federations on any departures from the FISA Rules of Racing that they believe should be applied to the European Rowing Championships;

2.4. To select a deputy chair who would be prepared to replace the Chair if he or she were to step down from his or her position.

2.5. To delegate authority to third persons or parties to carry out activities on its behalf, from time to time or when appropriate.

2.6. To investigate other forms of rowing competition and to develop proposals for consideration by the European member federations.

2.7. To investigate opportunities to develop or promote rowing in Europe through all means and with all governing authorities.

2.8. To create Commissions and Working Groups from time to time, as necessary, and be responsible for appointing individuals to these bodies.

2.9. To represent ERC in any negotiations or cooperations with other organisations. 

3. Membership of the European Rowing Management Board

The ERB shall consist of seven individuals, only one per member federation: four elected by the European member federations at the annual General Assemblies and three Europeans nominated by the FISA Council and ratified by the General Assembly. The General Assembly shall elect the seven members of the ERB for four-year terms as explained below; 

3.1. The members of the ERB shall each serve for a period of four years, which can be renewed, subject to re-appointment or re-election as appropriate, up to a maximum of 12 years in the same position;

3.2. The ERB will meet from time to time, but no less than four times in a calendar year, either in person or electronically and between Annual General Assemblies to carry out its activities which are consistent with the objectives of the organisation;

3.3. The ERB shall act as the executive body which manages the ERC organisation.


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