The start of the new Olympic cycle and decisions made at the 2017 Extraordinary Congress in Tokyo present a number of opportunities to review key areas of our sport. Four specific review projects for 2017 were identified at the Extraordinary Congress, being:  

  1. Rule 36 – World Championship Programmes: To identify the block of events to be included in the World Rowing Championships programmes for 2018, 2019 and 2020, including the Junior and Under 23 Championships. The review should consider the three programmes together, in terms of how they relate to each other and create pathways for athlete development from the junior to senior level. 

  2. 2020 Olympic Qualification System: To propose possible scenarios for the Olympic Qualification System for Tokyo 2020 that the FISA Council will submit to the IOC in October 2017, bearing in mind the way in which qualification opportunities impact funding and development opportunities for national and continental federations.

  3. Lightweight Rowing: The vote to change the Olympic programme raised the question, “What will be the future of lightweight rowing?” The review will consider the objectives of having the lightweight category in our sport – at all levels – and what needs to be done to achieve these objectives. Considering the scope of the project the timeframe, will extend over two years, with focus being given in the period up to July 2017 on providing input to the Rule 36 review project regarding lightweight events to be included in the World Championships programme.

  4. Para-Rowing: The new Paralympic cycle and new racing distance of 2’000 m bring an opportunity to reassess our para-rowing strategy and identify how to develop the discipline further over the next four years and beyond. As for the Lightweight review, this review will also run over two years, with additional focus on the World Championship programme until early July 2017.

Each review project will be guided by key objectives for the outcome, the timeframe in which the outcome must be achieved, and certain principles or parameters that define the boundaries of the discussion. In the Review Projects section below, the terms of reference as well as any supporting or additional documents can be found for each review project.

As all four areas hold far-reaching implications for our sport, the FISA Executive Committee established that the review projects should consider the input of the National Federations, FISA Council and Commission members and other experts in order for the Executive Committee to create a proposal or set of proposals for each area that best serve the sport of Rowing. Therefore, to support this process, the Executive Committee has created a working group for each review project and will also hold a series of meetings to hear the contributions from the member federations on each topic.

The progress of each review project and working group will be facilitated by a FISA staff member. The working group members were selected for their individual expertise and represent our different stakeholder groups, including representatives of the National Federations and FISA Council or Commission members, their composition being geographically representative and balanced between big and small federations. A member of the FISA Executive Committee will also sit on each working group. The members the working groups can be found here:

2017 Review Projects Working Groups


The National Federations are invited to provide their comments and perspectives at the NF Meetings and/or by completing the comment form here.

Updates on the projects, based on input from the NFs and the working groups, will be published, in principle, on the Friday two weeks after an NF Meeting.



The timeframe for each review project topic is determined by key objectives for the outcome, as well the date by which the outcome must be achieved. For example, the Rule 36 review must deliver a proposal for consideration by the FISA Council in Lucerne on 10 July so that the proposal or proposals can be included in the 2017 Congress Agenda Papers by 2 August, whereas the Lightweight and Para-Rowing reviews, which are considering the long term developments in their respective areas and the implications post-2020, will run over two years, culminating in proposals to the 2018 FISA Congress and possible rule changes at the next Extraordinary Congress.

The timeline for the 2017 Review Projects including dates and times for the NF meetings in 2017 can be found here:

2017 Review Projects Timeline




​World Rowing Championships - Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2018 World Rowing Review Projects NF Meeting - Plovdiv WRChamps 2018

World Rowing Junior Championships - Racice, Czech Republic

2018 World Rowing Review Projects NF Meeting - Racice WRJChamps 2018

​World Rowing Under 23s Championships - Poznan, Poland

2018 World Rowing Review Projects NF Meeting - Poznan WRU23Champs 2018

World Rowing Cup III - Lucerne, Switzerland

2018 World Rowing Review Projects NF Meeting Lucerne WRCup 2018

World Rowing Cup II - Linz-Ottensheim, Austria

2018 World Rowing Review Projects NF Meeting Linz WRCup 2018



World Rowing Cup I - Belgrade, Serbia

2017 Review Projects NF Meeting Belgrade World Rowing Cup

2017 World Rowing Review Projects Minutes of NF Meeting Belgrade


FISA International Para-Rowing Regatta - Gavirate, Italy 

NF Meeting Gavirate Minutes


European Rowing Championships - Racice, Czech Republic 

NF Meeting Racice European Rowing Championships Presentation

NF Meeting Racice Minutes


World Rowing Cup II - Poznan, Poland 

NF Meeting Poznan Presentation

NF Meeting Poznan Minutes

2020 Para Rowing Review

Rule 36 Scenarios


World Rowing Cup III - Lucerne, Switzerland

NF Meeting Lucerne Presentation

NF Meeting Lucerne Minutes

2020 Olympic Games Qualification Scenarios 070717


​World Rowing Under 23 Championships - Plovdiv, Bulgaria

NF Meeting Plovdiv Presentation

NF Meeting Plovdiv Minutes

Council Position on Principles Rule 36 and OQS


World Rowing Junior Championships - Trakai, Lithuania

OQS Scenarios and Council position on key principles 02 August

Rule 36 Proposals and Council position key principles at 02 August

NF Meeting Trakai Presentation

NF Meeting Trakai Minutes



FISA Strategic Plan at 031215

Principles of an Event Programme



Rule 36 (World Championship Programmes)

Rule 36 Terms of Reference


2020 Olympic Qualification System

Olympic Games Qualification Terms of Reference


Lightweight Rowing

Lightweight Rowing Terms of Reference



Para-rowing Terms of Reference