The Congress is the supreme authority of FISA whose activities are subject to its control. The congress consists of delegates of national federations which are currently members of FISA. There are currently 153 member federations.
Delegates meet annually as an Ordinary congress and as an Extraordinary Congress once every four years in the spring following the Olympic Games.

The FISA Executive Committee

The FISA Executive Committee consists of the President, the Vice President, the Treasurer, three Commission Chairmen and the non-voting Executive Director.
There are seven members of the FISA Executive Committee and they meet a minimum of four times per year.

The FISA Council

FISA is managed by the Council, consisting of:

  • The President
  • The Vice-President
  • The Treasurer
  • The Executive Director
  • The Chair of each of FISA’s Specialist Commissions
  • The Continental Representatives (who serve as liaisons between the Council and the National Federations in their respective continents)

There are 23 members of the FISA Council and the Council meets at least three times per year. The FISA Executive Committee also makes up a part of the 23 members of the FISA Council.

2017 Appendix 5 - Duties of the Council Members

FISA Specialist Commissions

FISA has 11 Specialist Commissions, one cross-commission.  Each of these is represented on the FISA Council by its Chair.

The FISA Commissions are listed below:

2017 Appendix 6 - Duties of the Commissions & Working Groups

The Executive Director and FISA Staff

The Executive Director is appointed by the Executive Committee. The Executive Director is supported by professional staff in the areas of development, marketing and communications, event management, finance, governance, IT and anti-doping.

For more information - please see the statutes section of our Rule Book here