The FISA Code of Ethics is defined in the FISA Statutes:

2019 Appendix 8 - FISA Code of Ethics

2018 Appendix 8 - Code of Ethics - Updated

2017 Appendix 8 - FISA Code of Ethics

FISA Ethics Group

At FISA, alleged Ethics violations (excluding those involving a FISA Executive Committee member, which will be submitted to the IOC Ethics Commission) will be assessed and decided upon by a FISA Ethics Panel comprised of three persons: an Executive Committee member and two members selected from the FISA Ethics Group.  The Panel shall designate a President of the Panel.

The FISA Ethics Group will be comprised of known individuals, independent of FISA, recognised for their involvement in the world of sport, their experience and their integrity. These individuals will be appointed by the Executive Committee for a four year term and may be reappointed. The list of members of the Ethics Group will be published.  Below is the current list of FISA Ethics Group members (appointed December 2015):

  • Michael Chambers (CAN)
  • Sophie Dion (FRA)
  • Malcolm Holmes (AUS)
  • Alexandre McLin (USA)
  • Hans Nater (SUI)
  • Martin Schimke (GER)