Osvaldo Borchi

Michel Doutre

Andrew MacKenzie

Chris Perry 
Hong Kong
Faysal Soula
Simon Goodey
Great Britain



1. General Areas of Responsibility

1.1. To promote the universality of rowing in all its aspects.

1.2. To  plan  and  co-ordinate  the  FISA  Development  Programme Activities, to be carried out by relevant Commissions.

1.3. To manage the FISA Development Budget.

2. Objectives and Activities

2.1. To increase the number of federations affiliated with FISA.

2.2. To   help   raise   the   standards   of   rowing   amongst   member federations, particularly in the developing rowing nations.

2.3. To produce a high quality of educational programme material.

2.4. To  plan  and  co-ordinate  educational  courses  and  seminars worldwide.

2.5.  To  plan  and  co-ordinate  the  FISA  Boat  Collection  and  Boat Building Programmes.

2.6.  To   stimulate   a   greater   number   of   rowing   federations   to participate in FISA Championships and the Olympic Games.