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Initiated by the FISA Masters Commission, the WRVMR will take place at the same time as the original regatta, from 2-6 September 2020 with masters rowing unity and participation the key. Designed to be done anywhere in the world masters rowers are invited to complete a 1000m piece on any kind of indoor rowing machine.

So whether you are in lockdown, back rowing at your club, working out on a borrowed water-rower or old Concept2 at your fitness centre, join in. It’s all about just taking part and uniting with the many masters rowers throughout the world – just like you would have if the 2020 master regatta had taken place.

Keep your record of never having missed a World Rowing Masters Regatta in the last ten years, retain your count of 16 masters regattas, connect with fellow rowers and do the 1000m just as if you were racing on the water – out in front …of course.

So here’s how it works. From 2-6 September jump on an indoor rower and submit your score to the online form here WRVMR form link You can enter 1000m as many times as you like, just as if you were racing multiple events at the real masters regatta. The time(s) you submit will work off an honour system. We trust you. If you’re times are extra fast maybe your federation will be recruiting you for your country’s national team.


Masters Racing at the 2020 World Rowing Indoor Championships in Paris, France © FISA Igor Meijer

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Julian Kennedy, Masters rower, 2020 World Rowing Virtual Masters Regatta