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Event Information

The 2020 World Rowing Coaches Conference will take place from Friday 27 November 2020 to Sunday 06 December 2020 and will be held virtually.

It will include a series of video presentations and a few online live sessions, which will be held on the platform Zoom. The live sessions include the Q&A session with all our speakers on Saturday 05 December.

Each day’s video presentation will be online as of 09:00 CET, and you will receive via email the link to access them the evening before.

In due time, you will also receive the link to access the live sessions on Zoom.

Please see the program of the conference here below.

The participation fee for the 2020 World Rowing Coaches Conference is 25 CHF.

If you have any question, please contact us at


WR 2020 Coaches Conference - Speaker programme v4

2020 WR Coaches Conference - Flyer



  • Stephen Seiler – Professor in Sport Science, Norway – Endurance sports now and in the future
  • Juergen Steinacker - Professor Sports and Rehabilitation, Germany - Training in Covid times
  • Guin Batten - Chair of World Rowing's Rowing for All Commission - Coastal Beach Sprint and training
  • Laurent Schmitt - Performance Sport, France - Physiological effects of training intensities


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