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Event Information

The 2020 World Rowing Tour will take place over 6 days in Tutuila, American Samoa. The course starts in Utulei and does a full circle of the whole island to end back in Utulei. Along the journey, rowers will see legendary sites such as the Fatu ma Futi, Fagatele Bay, Pola island which is inside the National Park and the ancient capical of Tutuila, Leone village. Rowers will also visit the infamous Massacre Bay, which holds a French historic tale that dates back to 1787. Throughout the journey rowers will encounter a variety of traditional experiences such as, a Samoan ava ceremony, Fiafia (traditional song & dance), traditional Samoan feast and even a Samoan BBQ. You can find more information, photos and maps in the documents below.



2020 World Rowing Tour - Tutuila, American Samoa - Information

2020 World Rowing Tour - Tutuila, American Samoa - Entry Form

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