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The World Urban Games (WUG) is a three-day multi-sport event featuring competition and showcase sports alongside a cultural festival in Budapest, Hungary. One shared venue featuring new-generation sports and elite athletes will highlight the competition, creativity, and lifestyle of urban sport. The competition will take place from 13-15 September 2019.


For the World Urban Games, eight men and eight women will have the chance to test their strength and skill in varying distances and formats of indoor rowing competition on rowing ergometers with the goal of determining the best all-round indoor rowing. Over the three days, six challenges on the Concept 2 rowing ergometer will test different indoor rowing skills and physical adaptations; together the challenges will determine which athletes have mastered the full range of skills and physicality necessary to be a well-rounded indoor rower. Points will be attributed according to rankings for each challenge, and the rower with the highest total points at the end of the last challenge will be the winner. Further details on the points system will be provided to athletes who have qualified for the 2019 WUG. The six challenges will be announced on a rolling basis in the weeks leading up to the WUG.

Indoor rowing has been selected as a showcase sport for the WUG in 2019. This means no medals or country rankings will be awarded to indoor rowing athletes. However, as a multi-sport event with a strong commitment towards creating a festival-like atmosphere, being part of the event is an opportunity to present indoor rowing to the world in a unique way and grow the rowing community. The festival aspect of this event will demonstrate indoor rowing's accessibility and excitement.


Qualification Process for the 2019 World Urban Games

Online Qualifier Instructions

The eight competition places (per gender) at the 2019 World Urban Games will be allocated as following:


  1. Automatic Qualification
  2. Online Qualification
  3. Online Qualification
  4. Online Qualification
  5. Online Qualification
  6. Online Qualification
  7. Wildcard
  8. Wildcard

The Great Market Hall area - the Southern border of the city center is one of Budapest's most rapidly growing neighbourhoods. A brand-new quarter will be built here to create new sport facilities and community areas, which will turn a neglected neighourbood into an attractive location. Hungary's biggest university campus accommodation will also be built here. This creates a chilled out and peaceful area for recreational and studying purposes for around 10'000 students.

The huge industrial building, called Great Market Hall, will also be restored and will even serve as a competition venue. The market dates to 1932, when it was the biggest in Hungary and was also the longest hall built without any columns.

Click here to see the location on Google Maps.

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