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World Rowing Cup regattas shall be open to all competitors who are authorized to compete by their member federation and who are eligible under the relevant rules. To represent a country in a World Rowing Championship, a competitor shall be a citizen of that country. He or she must be able to prove this by showing an official document (passport or identity card). In exceptional cases, the Executive Committee may make exceptions. Each member federation may enter up to four crews in each event of the 1st World Rowing Cup regatta and a maximum of two crews in each event of the 2nd and 3rd World Rowing Cup regattas.



The following World Rowing Cup Events are offered at the World Rowing Cup I: 

Men (M): 1x, 2x, 2-, 4x, 4-, 8+

Women (W): 1x, 2x, 2-, 4x, 4-, 8+

Lightweight Men (LM): 2x

Lightweight Women (LW): 2x


The following International Events  are offered at the World Rowing Cup I:   

Lightweight Men (LM): 1x, 2-, 4x

Lightweight Women (LW): 1x, 2-, 4x



The regatta course Plovdiv is an artificial canal with total length of 2300m, that was specially designed by the architect Valentine Marinov with chief consultant Svetla Otzetova to meet the contemporary requirements for staging major water sport events. The location of the course was estimated very precisely to be surrounded by the natural forests, offering fair and equal conditions in all lanes. In addition to that the direction of the course is East / West, which is parallel to the direction of the prevailing winds.



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Plovdiv, BUL

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