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Event Information

The 2019 Australian Masters Rowing Championships (AMRC) is being hosted at Champion Lakes, Perth from 22-25 May 2019. This commences with an opportunity to row on one of West Australia's beautiful regional waterways the weekend prior to the ARMC. Clubs in Albany, Margaret River and Bunbury will open their doors on 18-19 May to allow visiting rowers to experience these beautiful waterways. The Regatta Course is an international standard fully buoyed eight-lane course, featuring a fully separate off-course channel to the start line.



2019 Australian Masters Rowing Championships - Bulletin 1

2019 Australian Masters Rowing Championships - Events Offered



Masters events shall be held in the following crew age categories:

  • A Minimum age: 27 years
  • B Average age: 36 years or more
  • C Average age: 43 years or more
  • D Average age: 50 years or more
  • E Average age: 55 years or more
  • F Average age: 60 years or more
  • G Average age: 65 years or more
  • H Average age: 70 years or more
  • I Average age: 75 years or more
  • J Average age: 80 years or more
  • K Average age: 83 years or more.
  • L Average age: 86 years or more
  • M Average age: 89 years or more



Entries open - Monday 4 May 2019

Entries close - Sunday 12 May 2019

Withdrawal without Penalty Period Ends - Tuesday 14 May 2019

Due date for entry fees - Friday 17 May 2019

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