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Event Information

The 2019 Around the Island Race - Rowing event is scheduled on the 9th November, 6 days after the 2019 World Rowing Coastal Championships, hosted in the same race village, the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club.

The race is a 45 km marathon distance open water rowing race around Hong Kong Island to celebrate the challenge! It has attracted international teams from Singapore, Great Britain, Spain, Sweden, Peru, Monaco, Russia, Italy and China in recent years. The race is signified by its variation and challenging conditions, with a very scenic race course along the coastline of Hong Kong Island through the metropolitan skyline in Victoria Harbour, rocky coastlines, big waves on the Eastern side, tranquil beaches in the South, before passing through the busy harbour shipping areas leading to the finish.

The race is organised by the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, co-organised by Hong Kong, China Rowing Association and supported by Hong Kong Water Sports Council.



Open (O): C2x, C2x Relay, Invitation Adaptive C2x, C4+, C4x Relay

Men (M): Invitation C1x

Women (W): Invitation C1x, C2x, C4x

Mixed (Mix): C2x, C4x



Fill the online entry form in the event website - click here

If you have any further questions, please contact the local organising committee -



This event includes a new combined event of onshore and offshore rowing that is organised by Ocean Recovery Alliance, an NGO focused on ocean protection which is in partnership with the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club and KinoMap. From anywhere in the world, you can now take part in this onshore global event, allowing you to experience the 45 km race virtually. Using the KinoMap every entered team's avatar will be placed on the map to "race them" around the island in their respective categories, so that everyone can see how they finish against others.


  1. Men's, Women's, Mixed
  2. High School, University, Corporate, Open
  3. Solo, Double, Quads, Eights

For more information, please see the website here

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