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The rowing competition will take place from 7-11 October, 2018. 

Visit the Buenos Aires YOG website here.  


Provisional Programme - 2018 YOG - Buenos Aires, Argentina - As of 21 February 2018


Qualification System 2018 YOG FINAL - Rowing - EN - Updated 07 February 2018

Qualification System 2018 YOG - Rowing - FRENCH - Updated 07 February 2018

YOG Qualification Summary at 26 July 2018


The 2018 Youth Olympic games are open to athletes aged 17/18.


Men (M): 1x, 2-

Women (W): 1x, 2-


The course will have 4 lanes. The race distance is 500m.

The regatta will start with a time trial, which will determine the allocation of crews to the first round of heats. In the time trial, each crew will race from the Finish to the Start, around a buoy and back to the Finish (approximately 900m total distance). Crews will race one at a time starting at approximately 30 - 45 second intervals with a “flying” start. The time-based rankings from this round will be used to allocate crews to heats in the next round. The buoy turn will be included in the time.

All the following rounds will be raced over the 500m course on 4 lanes from Start to Finish.

The time trials will be followed by 2 rounds of heats in which crews will accumulate points based on their rankings in each heat. Their accumulated points from the 2 heats will determine which 16 crews proceed to the quarter-finals for the JM1x and JW1x and which 8 crews proceed to the semi-finals for the JM2- and JW2-.

Quarter-finals and semi-finals will be contested in the usual way. Finals A, B, C, D, E, F will be held in JM1x and JW1x.  Finals A, B, C will be held in JM 2- and JW2-.

More information on the format will follow soon. 


Rowing will take place on Rio de la Plata in Puerto Madero in the heart of Buenos Aires. Puerto Madero is a renovated docks area with many restaurants lining the banks. The iconic bridge Puente de la Mujer (Woman’s Bridge) crosses the race course. It was designed by architect Santiago Calatrava to look like a couple dancing the tango.


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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, ARG

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