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(BW8+) U23 Women's Eight
Final - FA
(BW2x) U23 Women's Double Sculls
Final - FA
(BW4x) U23 Women's Quadruple Sculls
Final - FA
(BW4-) U23 Women's Four
Final - FA

Men's events

Code Boat Class
BLM1x U23 Lightweight Men's Single Sculls
BLM2- U23 Lightweight Men's Pair
BLM2x U23 Lightweight Men's Double Sculls
BLM4- U23 Lightweight Men's Four
BLM4x U23 Lightweight Men's Quadruple Sculls
BM1x U23 Men's Single Sculls
BM2- U23 Men's Pair
BM2x U23 Men's Double Sculls
BM4- U23 Men's Four
BM4+ U23 Men's Coxed Four
BM4x U23 Men's Quadruple Sculls
BM8+ U23 Men's Eight

Women's events

Code Boat Class
BLW1x U23 Lightweight Women's Single Sculls
BLW2x U23 Lightweight Women's Double Sculls
BLW4x U23 Lightweight Women's Quadruple Sculls
BW1x U23 Women's Single Sculls
BW2- U23 Women's Pair
BW2x U23 Women's Double Sculls
BW4- U23 Women's Four
BW4x U23 Women's Quadruple Sculls
BW8+ U23 Women's Eight

Medal Table

2015 World Rowing Under 23 Championships Plovdiv, BUL

Place Country G S B Total Medals
1 Italy Italy ITA 4 1 1 6
2 Germany Germany GER 3 1 2 6
3 United States of America United States of America USA 3 1 0 4
4 Romania Romania ROU 3 0 0 3
5 France France FRA 2 1 1 4


Jessica Eiffert (b), Erin Reelick, Alexandra Spaulding, Mia Croonquist, Elizabeth Youngling, Sarah Dougherty, Georgia Ratcliff, Kendall Chase (s), Colette Lucas-Conwell (c), United States of America, Women's Eight, 2015 World Rowing Under 23 Championships
Davide Gerosa (b), Leone Barbaro, Piero S_
Sven Ditzel (b), Felix Brummel, Alexander_
Spectators, 2015 World Rowing Under 23 Ch_
Matthew Finley (b), Karl Zimmerman, Graha_

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