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2014 WRU23CH Provisional Programme UDPATED 26.07.2014

Provisional Programme

2014 WRU23CH Provisional Programme UPDATED 22.07.2014

Event Bulletin
2014 Event Bulletin (General)
2014 World Rowing Under 23 Championships Event Bulletin
2014 World Rowing Under 23 Championships Event Information

Events Offered
The following events are offered at the World Rowing Under 23 Championships:

Under 23 Men (BM) 1x 2x 2- 4x 4- 4+ 8+
Under 23 Women (BW) 1x 2x 2- 4x 4-   8+
Under 23 Lightweight Men (BLM) 1x 2x 2- 4x 4-    
Under 23 Lightweight Women (BLW) 1x 2x   4x      

World Rowing Championships are open to all member federations. A rower may compete in an Under 23 rowing event until 31st of December of the year in which he reaches the age of 22.


Varese is located in the Northern part of Italy, 55km north of Milan. The town lies at the foot of the Campo dei Fiori mountain range overlooking Lake Varese. It has a population of approximately 80,000.

Lake Varese, is 8.8 km long and 4.5 km wide.

It has hosted the Coupe de la Jeunesse in 2007, 2012 European Rowing Championships and 2013 World Rowing Masters Regatta.

Lake Varese has been part of Natura 2000 . This is the European Union’s large system of protected areas, which safeguard rare or endangered species and habitats.

For the venue layout, click here.


Find up to the minute weather updates for Varese here.

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