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CM4x - Final A

CW2x - Final A

CM1x - Final A

CW4x+ Final A

CW1x Final A

CM2x - Final A

CW2x - Final B

CM1x - Final B

CM4x - Final B - Corrected

CM2x - Final B

CM1x - Final B

CM4x+ Heat 1

CM4x+ Heat 2

CW2x Heat 1

CW2x Heat 2

CM1x Heat 1 - Corrected

CM1x - Heat 2 - Corrected

CM2x Heat 1

CM2x - Heat 2 - Corrected

CW1x - Heat 1

CW1x - Heat 2

CW4x - Heat 1


Progression System

Progression System World Rowing Coastal Championships - Thessaloniki, GRE

Provisional Entries

2014 WRCC Entries UPDATED 13.10.2014

Map of the course

For a map of the course, click here.

Provisional Programme

2014 WRCChamps Provisional Programme UDPATED 19.09.2014

Event Bulletin
2014 Event Bulletin (General)
2014 World Rowing Coastal Championships - Bulletin

How to enter
Follow the check list below to make an entry:

1.    All athletes shall fill out all 3 entry forms.
2.    All entry forms should be sent to your National Federation for endorsement.
3.    The National Federations will rank each club crew, approve and submit to FISA – via Daniela Oronova (

All 3 entry forms can be down loaded (see links below).
The entry forms must be approved and submitted by the National Federation.

Entry form
Athlete commitment form
Biography form

Deadline to FISA is 1 October 2014

To view the rules, click here.

Rent a boat
During the World Rowing Coastal Championships, boats are available to rent for participants/crews, upon request only. For any further information regarding conditions and rental fees, please contact the 2014 World Rowing Coastal Championships Organising Committee. Please make your request in due time.

VISA Regulations
To obtain a visa applicant crews have to ask to their National Federations to write a request to the Organising Committee. The request must contain: the name of the athletes, coaches, managers and any persons for which a visa is required, their qualification, the date of birth, the passport number, the date of expiry of passport, the indication of the period of stay and accommodation.
Once the Organising Committee has received the request they will provide an invitation letter for 2014 World Rowing Coastal Championships. Please provide your requests in due time.

Events Offered
Coastal boat classes recognised by FISA

Solo    (C1x)
Double    (C2x)
Coxed Quadruple Sculls   (C4x+)

World Rowing Coastal Championships boat classes
Men    (M)    C1x, C2x, C4x+
Women     (W)     C1x, C2x, C4x+


The World Rowing Coastal Championships are open only to club crews nominated by their member federations.
To compete in a World Rowing Coastal Championship regatta, a competitor shall be a member of a club recognized by their member federation.

Entries for FISA Coastal Rowing Championship regattas will be accepted only if they are accompanied by a signed commitment form, according to Article 56, from each competitor, team official and the member federation unless such a commitment has already been submitted to FISA. This form must be received by FISA no later than one hour before the commencement of the draw for the regatta, or in the absence of a draw, then no later than 18 hours before the scheduled start time of the first race of the regatta.

The age categories for rowers recognised by FISA for Coastal Rowing are Seniors


Find up to the minute weather updates for Thessaloniki here.

Organising Committee

Address :

(Friends of the Sea Yachting Club)
Meg. Alexandrou Avenue 10
54642 Thessaloniki

Telephone :
+30 2310 83 13 33

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