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Event Data

Medal Table

1 Great Britain Great Britain GBR 2 4 2 8
2 Czech Republic Czech Republic CZE 2 0 0 2
3 Germany Germany GER 1 4 5 10
4 Italy Italy ITA 1 1 1 3
4 Lithuania Lithuania LTU 1 1 1 3
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Latest Results

1 JUN 14:33 FA (M8+) final
1 Germany Germany (GER) 05:33.950
2 Russian Federation Russian Federation (RUS) 05:34.990
3 Great Britain Great Britain (GBR) 05:35.560
1 JUN 14:18 FA (W1x) final
1 Czech Republic Czech Republic (CZE) 07:42.740
2 Netherlands Netherlands (NED) 07:43.020
3 Ireland Ireland (IRL) 07:43.040
1 JUN 14:03 FA (M1x) final
1 Czech Republic Czech Republic (CZE) 06:54.950
2 Germany Germany (GER) 06:56.120
3 Lithuania Lithuania (LTU) 07:00.330
1 JUN 13:48 FA (W8+) final
1 Romania Romania (ROU) 06:16.640
2 Great Britain Great Britain (GBR) 06:18.320
3 Germany Germany (GER) 06:19.970
1 JUN 13:33 FA (LM4-) final
1 Denmark Denmark (DEN) 06:08.810
2 Great Britain Great Britain (GBR) 06:10.970
3 France France (FRA) 06:12.810
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Men's events

Code Boat Class
LM1x Lightweight Men's Single Sculls
LM2- Lightweight Men's Pair
LM2x Lightweight Men's Double Sculls
LM4- Lightweight Men's Four
M1x Men's Single Sculls
M2- Men's Pair
M2x Men's Double Sculls
M4- Men's Four
M4x Men's Quadruple Sculls
M8+ Men's Eight

Women's events

Code Boat Class
LW1x Lightweight Women's Single Sculls
LW2x Lightweight Women's Double Sculls
W1x Women's Single Sculls
W2- Women's Pair
W2x Women's Double Sculls
W4x Women's Quadruple Sculls
W8+ Women's Eight


The Danish lightweight men's four at 2014 European Rowing Championships
Helen Glover (l) and Polly Swann (r) win gold at 2014 European Rowing Championships
The podium of the men's quadruple sculls at the 2014 European Championships
The start of the women's quadruple sculls at the 2014 European Championships
Laura Milani and Elisabetta Sancassani (ITA) win gold at 2014 European Championships

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Quotes from Athletes

1 Jun 2014 Ivan Dovgodko
It was a powerful performance and strong race. We didn’t know our strength, very difficult race.
1 Jun 2014 Yuliya Bichyk
I don’t really remember the race but we feel super. It wasn’t the best conditions but we’re happy our plan worked.
Andrew T HODGE
1 Jun 2014 Andrew Triggs-Hodge
The team is really strong, we’ve been working really hard to achieve our results. At this time of year we’re still building. It’s great to have been here in Belgrade, it’s a beautiful place.
1 Jun 2014 Georgios Tziallas

We are not very happy, we really wanted to win today. It was not a good day on the water, we had a lot of problems with the wind and we hit a buoy.

1 Jun 2014 Laura Milani
It’s our third European title – it wasn’t easy and it gets harder and harder. Bad weather conditions made it a tough race.