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Men's events

Code Boat Class
ASM1x AS Men's Single Sculls
LM1x Lightweight Men's Single Sculls
LM2- Lightweight Men's Pair
LM2x Lightweight Men's Double Sculls
LM4- Lightweight Men's Four
LTAMix4+ LTA Mixed Coxed Four
M1x Men's Single Sculls
M2- Men's Pair
M2x Men's Double Sculls
M4- Men's Four
M4x Men's Quadruple Sculls
M8+ Men's Eight
TAMix2x TA Mixed Double Sculls

Women's events

Code Boat Class
ASW1x AS Women's Single Sculls
LW1x Lightweight Women's Single Sculls
LW2x Lightweight Women's Double Sculls
W1x Women's Single Sculls
W2- Women's Pair
W2x Women's Double Sculls
W4x Women's Quadruple Sculls

Quotes from Athletes

21 May 2014 Michaela Taupe-Traer
It was difficult out there, but I was able to control the race and being out infront meant I could really concentrate on my rowing. The noise coming past the grandstand was incredible.
Leonie PLESS
21 May 2014 Leonie Pless
It was a very hard race and the conditions were awful. At the 1000 m mark I caught a crab and came to standstill. At 1200 metres I thought I was near the finish but couldn’t see the buoys.
21 May 2014 Fabiana Beltrame
It felt great – it is a really important medal for me. Rowing is not popular in Brazil, it’s all about football. So it’s important to medal and to raise the profile of rowing.
21 May 2014 Pedro Fraga
It’s a very good feeling, I worked for it and I hope it is the first of many. I kept relaxed, tried to save my energy to push towards the end. It was a good race. I am much more confident now. Winning is always fun. I will continue to work and hopefully win the next World Rowing Cup and do well at the World Championships.
Steffen JENSEN
21 May 2014 Steffen Jensen
It was a tough one. I had a good first 1000m but used too much power. My rate was too high and I had to pay for it in the last 500 metres. I usually have a good finish but had no spirit left.