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Men's events

Code Boat Class
LM1x Lightweight Men's Single Sculls
LM2- Lightweight Men's Pair
LM2x Lightweight Men's Double Sculls
LM4- Lightweight Men's Four
LM4x Lightweight Men's Quadruple Sculls
M1x Men's Single Sculls
M2- Men's Pair
M2x Men's Double Sculls
M4- Men's Four
M4x Men's Quadruple Sculls
M8+ Men's Eight

Women's events

Code Boat Class
LW1x Lightweight Women's Single Sculls
LW2x Lightweight Women's Double Sculls
W1x Women's Single Sculls
W2- Women's Pair
W2x Women's Double Sculls
W4- Women's Four
W4x Women's Quadruple Sculls
W8+ Women's Eight

Quotes from Athletes

Kathleen BERTKO
21 May 2014 Kathleen Bertko
This regatta has been all about experiences and we are hungry for more.
21 May 2014 Julia Edward
For the last four years we have been building the lightweight squad in New Zealand. We have got some good girls coming through. So they keep us on our toes.
21 May 2014 Henrik Rummel
We had a very good start but also realised that Australia started even better so we adapted of course. We didn’t have a race plan – we just reacted on the performance of the others. After 1000m I felt pretty tired and I really had to fight until the end of the race. Now we are going back to Princeton to concentrate on our training for the World Championships.
21 May 2014 William Lockwood
Our plan was to go out efficiently and then just go at the 1000m. This is what the USA did to us yesterday. We knew we would pay the price at the end. We are a young crew. This is our second regatta. We are still coming together. I am so proud.
21 May 2014 Paolo Perino
After the start we were in the first place but at the 500m the USA took a boat length and kept it all the way. Australia were showing strong and as they had lane one it was difficult to see them from our lane five. The end of the race was just beautiful.