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Regulation, Rule 16 – Eligibility and Insurance Entries for FISA Coastal Rowing Championship regattas will be accepted only if they are accompanied by a signed commitment form, according to Article 56, from each competitor, team official and the member federation unless such a commitment has already been submitted to FISA. This form must be received by FISA no later than one hour before the commencement of the draw for the regatta, or in the absence of a draw, then no later than 18 hours before the scheduled start time of the first race of the regatta.

Regulation, Rule 17 – Age Categories The following age categories for rowers are recognised by FISA for Coastal Rowing: 1. Seniors

Organising Committee

Address :

Kristina Sjöholm
Norra Storgatan 8
252 20 Helsingborg

Telephone :
+46 738-421642

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