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Event Information

Event Information

2013 European Rowing Championships - Programme

Events Offered
The events offered at the European Rowing Championships are:

Men (M) 1x 2x 2- 4x 4- 8+
Women (W) 1x 2x 2- 4x   8+
Lightweight men (LM) 1x 2x 2-   4-  
Lightweight women (LW) 1x 2x        


All European Member National Federations plus Israel should be eligible to compete in the European Rowing Championships. An athlete must present a valid passport from the country for which he wishes to compete (as per FISA rules).

Eligible National Federations:
European Federations

About the venue

Since its construction in 1989, the High Performance Centre and the Venue La Cartuja have been developed for rowing and canoeing at all levels; local, national and international.

From the very beginning several international teams have held their winter training camps at the centre. Since 1995, together with FISA, the international regatta 'FISA Team Cup' was created, where more than 40 countries have participated in its 15 editions.

In 1999 the venue hosted the FISA Masters Regatta, in 2001 a World Rowing Cup, and in 2002 the World Rowing Championships. The venue has also hosted world class events in canoeing and open water swimming.


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Organising Committee

Address :

Empresa Pública para la Gestión del Turismo y del Deporte de Andalucía
Estadio Olímpico, Puerta M, 1º Planta,
41092 Seville,

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