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Event Information

Event Information

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View the 2012 World Rowing Masters Regatta - Start List here.

Events Offered
The events offered at the 2012 World Rowing Masters Regatta are:

Category: A B C D E F G H I J1 J2
Age: min. 27


avr: 43+ avr: 50+ avr: 55+ avr: 60+ avr: 65+ avr: 70+ avr: 75+ avr: 80+ avr: 85+


A rower may compete as a Master from the beginning of the year during which he or she attains the age of 27. A rower shall be placed in the age category corresponding to the age as of December 31, 2010. A crew’s age is determined by rounding down to the highest contained integer of the aggregate mean age of its rowers (For example, the age of a crew whose rowers have a mean age of 54.9 is 54, and thus is a D category boat). Age categories: A - Minimum age 27 or more B - Average age 36 or more C - Average age 43 or more D - Average age 50 or more E - Average age 55 or more F - Average age 60 or more G - Average age 65 or more H - Average age 70 or more I - Average age 75 or more J - Average age 80 or more

About the Venue

The Wedau regatta course in Duisburg is located in the heart of the German Ruhr-area and has hosted numerous events. They include the 1957 & 1965 FISA European Rowing Championships, 1983 FISA World Rowing Championship, as well as the popular International Wedau Regatta which is held every two years.

For more information about the course please click here for the Organising Committee website and follow them on facebook.

Organising Committee

Address :

World Rowing Masters

RegattaKruppstraße 30 b

D-47055 Duisburg

Telephone :
+49 203 9976 159

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