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About Ra?ice

The small town of Ra?ice in the Czech Republic was established in 1295 by King Václav II. Until 1960 it was a part of the town of Št?tí and from 1989 it has been a separate legal entity. Ra?ice has about 200 inhabitants. The small village of and boasts the famous rower Vaclav Chalupa and his family as residents. Chalupa is the Czech Republic’s most well-known rower. He was the country’s top single sculler from 1989 for over a decade, before Ondrej Synek took over the spot in 2005. Chalupa, 41, continues to compete internationally and is currently rowing in the pair. He has competed at six Olympic Games.

About Regatta Venue

1986 The Ra?ice Rowing Course Centre was built on a former sand pit specifically so the country could have an international rowing venue. In 1980 sand quarrying commenced and in 1986 the rowing course was opened for the World Rowing Junior Championships. Racice has also hosted the 1993 World Rowing Championships and the 2002 World Rowing Masters Regatta. The total length of the lake is 2350 meters with a width of 130 meters.

Organising Committee

Address :

Racice 130, 411 08 Steti,
Czech Republic

Telephone :
+420 416 813 652
Fax :
+420 416 812 295

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