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About New Zealand and Waikato

New Zealand is in the south-western Pacific Ocean and comprises the North and South Islands and numerous smaller islands. The indigenous Maori named New Zealand Aoteatoa, which is usually translated into English as ‘The Land of the Long White Cloud’. New Zealand is notable for its geographic isolation, being separated from Australia to the northwest by the Tasman Sea. Its closest neighbours to the north are New Caledonia, Fiji and Tonga. It is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful countries in the world with unique native animal and plant life and spectacular coastal and inland regions. The North Island The island is 113,729 square km in area, and that makes it the world’s 14th largest island. Several important cities are in the North Island notable New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland, and the capital Wellington, which is located at the southern extremity of the island. Approximately 76% of New Zealand’s population live in the North Island. Lake Karapiro is located in the Waikato region on the western side of the North Island. The nearest town to Lake Karapiro is Cambridge, 24km southeast of Hamilton. Hamilton is the country’s seventh largest city. New Zealand has a population of 4,290,347 (July 2011 est.) of which around 3,148,400 live in the North Island and 387,700 in the Waikato region.

About Rowing in New Zealand

Rowing New Zealand is the sport’s governing body for rowing in New Zealand. There are 65 rowing clubs in the country. Rowing New Zealand was founded in 1887 originally as the New Zealand Amateur Rowing Association formed by 9 clubs. As rowing became more popular more clubs became affiliated to the New Zealand Amateur Rowing Association. The first national championships were held in 1888. At the 2009 World Championships in Poznan, Poland, New Zealander Mahe Drysdale rowed the fastest ever 2000m in a single scull, in a time of 6:33.35.

About Lake Karapiro

Lake Karapiro is one of several artificial lakes formed as part of a hydroelectricity scheme on the Waikato River in the North Island of New Zealand more than 60 years ago. Lake Karapiro is 52 metres above sea level. The lake is regarded as one of the country’s best rowing venues and one of the most scenic and picturesque in the world. It is fed by the great Waikato River - a M?ori word meaning flowing water. Lake Karapiro and New Zealand last hosted the World Rowing Championships in 1978.

Organising Committee

Address :

2010 World Rowing Championships Committee
PO Box 546
Cambridge 3450
New Zealand

Telephone :
+64 7 823 4587 or +64 21 251 9115
Fax :
+64 7 823 4589

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