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Event Information

Events Offered

The following events are offered at the Rowing World Cup:

Olympic Events:

Men (M) 1x, 2x, 2-, 4x, 4-, 8+

Women (W) 1x, 2x, 2-, 4x, 8+

Lightweight Men (LM) 2x, 4-

Lightweight Women (LW) 2x

International Events:

Lightweight Men (LM) 1x, 2-

Lightweight Women (LW) 1x

Adaptive: ASW1x, ASM1x, TAMix2x, IDMix4+, LTAMix4+


Rowing World Cup Regattas shall be open to all competitors who are authorised to compete by their member federation and who are eligible under the relevant rules. To represent a county in a World Rowing Championship, a competitor shall be citizen of that country, he/she must be able to prove this by showing an official document (passport or identity card). In exceptional cases, the Executive Committee may make exceptions. National Federations may enter up to two crews in each of a Rowing World Cup final regatta and no more than three crews in each event at the other Rowing World Cup regattas.

About Ottensheim

Ottensheim is a part of the city of Linz, and is one of the most popular recreation areas in the city. Located on the Danube Rier and the most important trade route to Bohemia, Ottensheim is steeped in history and was an early settlement. Ottensheim, the oldest market of the Mühlviertel, has been afflicted by fires several times in its history. The biggest fire, which occured in 1899, destroyed 133 of 168 houses. 

About the Regatta Course

The Linz-Ottensheim Regatta Course was constructed on an arm of the Danube River in 1972. The extension to eight lanes was completed in 2006. International rowing regattas, as well as the Austrian National Championships have taken place regularly. The venue has hosted the World Rowing Junior Championships in 1998, the Rowing World Cup in 2007, as well as the Nation's Cup in 1990 and 2001. 

Organising Committee

Address :


p.a. Risk Oesterreich GmbH
Hiessgasse 12/4
1031 Vienna


Telephone :
+43 70 6592 77704
Fax :
+43 70 6980 5039

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