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Events Offered

The events offered at the European Rowing Championships are:
Men (M) 1x, 2x, 2-, 4x, 4-, 8+
Women (W) 1x, 2x, 2-, 4x, 8+
Lightweight men (LM) 2x, 4-
Lightweight women (LW) 2x


All European Member National Federations plus Israel should be eligible to compete in the European Rowing Championships. An athlete must present a valid passport from the country for which he wishes to compete (as per FISA rules).

About Poznan

Poznan is located in west-central Poland along the Warta river. It is the fifth largest city amongst one of the oldest cities in Poland. Its populations in approximately 550,000.

Rowing in Poland

The origins of the first Poznan rowing club go back to the year 1904. Its initiator and founder was Maciej Wierzbinski who settled then in Poznan after a long-term stay in England. In 1912 the Tryton Poznan Association was established, and in 1919 the Students’ Sport Association began life. In the same year the Polish Federation of Rowing Associations (Polski Zwiazek Towarzystw Wioslarskich, PZTW) was established in Poznan. It was one of the first sports federations created in the reborn Poland, and was founded by 13 sports clubs. In 1924 Polish rowers took part in the 9th Olympic Games in Paris for the first time, entering two crews, a single and a four, into competition. They won their first Olympic medal (bronze) during their second Olympic appearance in 1928 in Amsterdam. From 1925, Polish rowing crews participated in the European Championships till their last appearance in 1938. The rowers returned to the European courses after the Second World War in 1947, in Lucerne. 

About the venue

Lake Malta regatta course is located in the centre of Poznan. It is one of the most modern venues in the world and over the last twenty years has hosted large international events in water sports. Please visit the Organising Committee website for more information.

Organising Committee

Address :
ul. W?adys?awa Reymonta 35 ?60-751 Pozna?
Telephone :
Fax :

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