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Men's events

Code Boat Class
LM1x Lightweight Men's Single Sculls
LM2x Lightweight Men's Double Sculls
LM4- Lightweight Men's Four
LM8+ Lightweight Men's Eight
M1x Men's Single Sculls
M2- Men's Pair
M2+ Men's Coxed Pair
M2x Men's Double Sculls
M4- Men's Four
M4+ Men's Coxed Four
M4x Men's Quadruple Sculls
M8+ Men's Eight

Women's events

Code Boat Class
LW1x Lightweight Women's Single Sculls
LW2x Lightweight Women's Double Sculls
LW4- Lightweight Women's Four
W1x Women's Single Sculls
W2- Women's Pair
W2x Women's Double Sculls
W4+ Women's Coxed Four
W4x Women's Quadruple Sculls
W8+ Women's Eight

Medal Table

1986 World Rowing Championships Nottingham, GBR

Place Country G S B Total Medals
1 East Germany East Germany GDR 4 2 5 11
2 Romania Romania ROU 3 2 1 6
3 Italy Italy ITA 3 2 0 5
4 United States of America United States of America USA 3 0 4 7
5 Great Britain Great Britain GBR 2 3 0 5