The 2014 World Rowing Coastal Championships is being held in Thessaloniki, Greece and the local organising committee, in the frame of its environmental programme, is providing the method to offset individual carbon emissions from travel, through its official website:

The opportunity to voluntarily offset carbon emissions will help make participation 'climate neutral', in cooperation with the specialised climate protection service provider CLIMATEPARTNER.

The offsetting can be done by financially supporting one of the 15 adequately certified  climate protection projects from around the globe.

The Organising Committee of the 2014 World Rowing Coastal Championships acknowledges the strong link between sport and the environment.

The intension of both the Hellenic Rowing Federation and the City of Thessaloniki, is to host a world class rowing event with limited impact to the environment  while supporting sustainable development.

Raising environmental  awareness among the athletes and the spectators of the event is very  important for its environmental performance.