It neither matters what kind of rower you are and to which rowing organisation you belong, nor does it matter where you live, what language you speak or where you row. It only matters that you respond to this call for action and feel a sense of stewardship towards the water on which you row, both for yourself and others after you. Here are some ideas:

If you are a rower

  • Read our 10 tips towards a greener boathouse and cleaner water in your rowing environment and start to make them part of your boathouse behaviour.
  • Speak to your club captain or environmental officer about implementing a clean water policy in your rowing club.
  • Be featured on! Let us know about any “Clean Water” projects or initiatives in which you or your school, university or club is involved in, that will help to raise awareness about, or improve the health of, that water and you could be our feature club on


If you are a Club President or Event Organiser, etc.

  • Read our 10 tips towards a greener boathouse and cleaner water in your rowing environment.
  • Integrate a Clean Water theme into your regattas; encourage awareness amongst the officials, participants, volunteers and the public.
  • Organise a range of activities such as the cleaning of lake/riversides, and environmental awareness campaigns
    Tell us YOUR story about the progress you make and any tips you may have with us and we could feature your club


If you represent a National Federation

  • Translate the Environmental Sustainability Policy & Guidelines into your language and distribute as a booklet to as many rowing clubs and rowing schools etc., in your territory as is possible.
  • Make contact with your national WWF office and consider a local co-operation to help communicate and promote the Clean Water cause. And if you inform World Rowing of your intentions, they can give advice and examples of other, successful local co-operations.
  • Promote Clean Water tips to your clubs and on your website, and encourage them to submit their Clean Water stories